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Buses on Mljet Island

There are two bus lines on the Mljet :

  1. Bus 18 – west side of the island – goes from Pomena to Sobra (via Goverdjari, Pristaniste, Polace, Ropa and Babino Polje)
  2. Bus 19  – east of the island – goes from Saplunara to Sobra (via Korita, Maranovici and Prozura)

Mljet Bus Timetables :

Mljet Bus Timetables

Off-season / Season Timetable

Saplunara-Sobra05:35Monday, Tue, Wed, Thu & Sat
Saplunara-Sobra05:15Fridays(also stops in Okuklje and Prožurska luka, both ways)
Saplunara-Sobra16:30Sundays(also stops in Okuklje and Prožura, one way)
Saplunara-Sobra20:30Fridays(also stops in Okuklje and Prožurska luka, both ways)
Pomena-Sobra05:00Monday to Saturday

Note: Bus timetables are adjusted to ferry timetables. Therefore, depending on ferry departure (July & August):

  • Mondays and Fridays bus departs Pomena at 04:45 and Saplunara at 05:00
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays bus departs Pomena at 5:00 and Saplunara at 05:35
  • Sundays bus departs Pomena at 16:15 and Saplunara at 16:30
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