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Apartments and Rooms on Mljet

Apartments and Rooms by Ivo Dalmatinac, Mljet

On the island of Mljet you can find selection of very good apartments and roomsaccommodations all around the island and especially within the National Park itself.  Most of the apartments and rooms are privately owned, by local families which is a very important source of income to people of Mljet as tourism is , beside agriculture and fishing the main industry here.  Below is a list of various accommodations available on Island of Mljet, sorted by locations, and places so you can check what is available. See also with Mljet Tourist Board – Babino Polje, 20225 Babino Polje, Mljet, Croatia Tel: 020 74 51 25 Fax: 020 74 51 25 as they may have more apartments and rooms listings or just browse below for instant, online booking:

Mljet Apartments