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Dubrovnik to Mljet

The nearest distance from Dubrovnik to Mljet Island is just over 14 nautical miles (about 27 km) and 38 km (20 nm) to the nearest ferry port, Sobra. There are several direct foot passenger ferry connections to Mljet from Dubrovnik all year round. There are no direct car ferries from Dubrovnik to Mljet. The alternative is the indirect car ferry route which involves 1 ferry crossing. Here are the best travel options:

Departure and arrival on Mljet island from Dubrovnik
Departing from Mljet (Pomena ferry port)

Foot passengers

Foot passenger catamaran ferries

If you are a foot passenger your best option is to take one of the fast ferry lines that go from Dubrovnik to either Sobra, Polace, or Pomena ferry ports. Pomena is the nearest port of arrival to Mljet National Park. Depending on the season, these fast ferries run from one to several times per day. The journey lasts for 1 to 1,5 hours, depending on the route. For the ferry line that runs all year round (TP Line catamaran ferry), ticket booking is here, and for one that runs from April to October (TP Line/ Krilo/Kapetan Luka Catamaran Ferry), the ticket booking is here.

Another option is to use the bus & car ferry route via Prapratno – see details below.

Interior and Views from fast ferry catamaran Dubrovnik - Mljet - Dubrovnik
Interior and Views from fast ferry catamaran Dubrovnik – Mljet – Dubrovnik

Foot passenger Bus & Ferry

If you decide to travel by bus, get a bus from Dubrovnik to Prapratno, the port at Peljesac Peninsula (ticket booking at, and get on the ferry to the island from there. This option is good if you missed direct ferries from Dubrovnik and still want to reach the island, as the last ferry to Mljet from Prapratno leaves at 20:30 (8:30 pm). The journey lasts a 1-hour bus ride & 45 minutes ferry crossing, including waiting time, altogether about 2.5 hours.

Important note update 2022: This journey may involve taking a taxi from Ston to Prapratno (just a few km ride) as at the present, due to the Peljesac Bridge road works, the bus may not stop at the Prapratno bus stop but instead stop in Ston. Check with the driver what is the current road works situation.

Taking Bus to Prapratno port and Mljet from Dubrovnik
Taking Bus to Mljet (via Prapratno) from Dubrovnik

By Car (Driving)

There are no direct car ferries from Dubrovnik to Mljet island. If you are traveling by car your only option is to drive to Prapratno (Peljesac) and take a car ferry from there to Sobra, Mljet (see below map). The total journey time is about 2 hours, including 45 minutes of the ferry crossing. You can book a car ferry ticket via Jadrolinija’s site.

Important noteIn the case of bad weather, when fast foot passenger catamaran ferries do not operate, the car ferry option via Prapratno is the only alternative. For all detailed ferry schedules check with

Dubrovnik to Mljet Map:

On the above map, you can see two travel routes: one that goes directly from Dubrovnik by fast catamaran ferry to 3 ports on Mljet, and another one that is a bus and/or driving route, that involves a car ferry crossing to Sobra (Mljet) via Prapratno.

Private transfers

You can consider taking a taxi or Uber from Dubrovnik to Prapratno to get the ferry to Mljet. Private boat transfers are also an option, taking water taxis in Dubrovnik for fast crossings to the island. The crossing lasts for about 1 hour and sometimes more, depending on the route (Mljet is a fairly long island). For this option, it is important to consider the weather forecast – in case of bad weather water taxis do not operate. Public transport, catamaran, bus, or car ferry is the weatherwise, the most reliable travel options.

Here is some additional travel info:

Above image: Mljet island ferry map