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Mljet Travel Guide

Mljet is the first larger island one come upon while sailing the Croatian Adriatic from the direction from south to north. It is Croatia's greenest island with its Mediterranean vegetation, clear and clean sea, gentle sandy shoreline and a wealth of underwater sea life. The island is conisdered to be one of the most beautiful of the Croatian islands too.

Mljet LocationMljet is well known for its white and red wine, olives and goat's cheese. It is indeed an unspoilt island covered by a dense Mediterranean forest. The sea around here is rich in fish and marine life. The island is also well known for its two salted lakes - Veliko and Malo Jezero that are located at the north end of the island. On the small St Mary's Island in the middle of Veliko Jezero lake, there is an old Benedictine monastery. Beside beach Saplunara (on the south of the island), Veliko and Malo Jezero are favorite swimming spots for locals and visitors alike. North- west part of the island of Mljet is also one of Croatian National Parks, and is therefore, one of the favorite destinations for travellers to this part of Croatia.

The island has a regular ferry connections with Dubrovnik as well as car ferry connection with Peljesac Peninsula at the Croatian mainland. See Mljet island ferry map. Local excursions can be done from Korcula Town too. Read more about Mljet at Croatian Tourist Board

Mljet island news, travel and blog

  • Polace

    above photo: Views over the bay Polače – the port and village on the island of Mljet Polace, a village in the western part of the northern coast of the island of Mljet. It is the largest and the safest …
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  • The Church and Benedictine Monastery

    The Church and Benedictine Monastery on St Mary’s island on Mljet are among the oldest church complexes in the Adriatic. This valuable monument of Croatia’s Romanesque culture belongs to the Diocese of Dubrovnik and is opened for visitors all year round. It is …
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  • Shopping in Mljet

    Shopping for food in the National Park is easy. There is a small but well-stocked supermarket “Studenac” in Pomena, where you can find everything you may need for preparing your own meals if you are staying in the self-catering apartment …
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  • St Mary’s Island

    St Mary’s Island in Mljet National Park is a pretty little fairy tale islet featuring a picturesque Benedictine monastery. This popular spot is situated in the quiet corner of the Large Lake, within the Park itself, just a short boat …
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  • Kayaking In Mljet

    Kayaking in Mljet National Park is a great way to see the coastline around these this lovely Lakes. It offers an ideal opportunity for canoeing or kayaking surrounded by calm and beautiful scenery. As these lakes are completely sheltered, sea kayaking here is …
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  • Kayak, Canoe and Bike Rental

    You will find several bikes, kayak and canoe rental places in the National Park on Mljet. As soon as you arrive in Pomena, while walking on your way to the entrance to the National Park, you will see the Rent …
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  • Cycling on Mljet

    Cycling on the Island The islands cycling map kept handy on the bicycle Cycling across the Mljet island is something you can consider if you are an experienced cyclist and if you intend to bring your bicycle with you on the island. …
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