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Maranovići is small hilly place on the Island of Mljet that has just about 60 permanent inhabitants. It is located at the Eastern part of the island in the hills, about two kilometres away from the seashore, at the edge of the fertile olive groves.

Maranovici is the place that has a lot of olive groves, as olive production is the main occupation.

As one of the oldest villages on the Island, Maranovici also has its parish church of Sveti Anton (see above photos) that treasures altar and gold plate cup from the 15th century as well as three altars, each dedicated to its own saint: Sveta Marija, Sveti Nikola and Sveti Ante.

The village is a good place to go for walking/hiking or cycling indeed, as it offers nice views over the hills and it’s not too far from the seashore, where one can have a swim too.

The village has its own café and small corner shop. Some families rent rooms and apartments (see below).

Accommodations in Maranovici


Location of Maranovici on the Island of Mljet

Location of Maranovici on Island of Mljet

Map of Maranovići

GPS location coordinates: 42.715579, 17.667052