Pomena - MljetPomena is a small village as well as a harbour located at the west end of Island of Mljet, about 2 km away from village of Govedari. Pomena has just over 50 permanent inhabitants.


They live of farming, fishing and tourist trade. Pomena was initially founded by Govedjari people, as that was their nearest sheltered bay and access to the sea. They used to come to Pomena mainly to fish. However, since the growth of tourist trade in the area, and construction of Hotel Odisej, Pomena became more of the tourist place.


Being located on just over 15 minutes walk to Malo Jezero (Small Lake) of Mljet National Park, Pomena nowadays has its hotel, couple of restaurants and coffee bars, souvenir shops, agencies etc… Pomena, as a bay, is a very safe place for anchorage, being sheltered by tiny island of Pomestak, which acts as a local naturist beach too. See ferries to/from Pomena info + blog posts tagged Pomena

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Map of the location of Pomena

Map of Pomena - Location

Pomena is also a place where one will arrive if you take day trip to Mljet by hydrofoil from Korcula. + Map of ferry to Pomena